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GPS Tracking System:

GPS tracking system offers a variety of data collected from vehicles, and sends to server by gprs or 3G network. From thousands of tests in cars and feedback from our clients and end users, we have presented our products with robustness of firmware, reliability of hardware and multiple functional web based software platform.More----- seprator

Tyre Pressure Monitoring in GPS Tracking:

TPMS tracking is a different tyre pressure monitoring system integrated into gps tracking solution, which offers new tires management for fleet managers and company bosses and end users. We focus on the technology about the tyres with plenty of data displaying on APP or website. More-----                  

LED Tire Pressure Valve Caps Monitoring

Economical TPMS. LED Tyre Pressure Monitor ! special TPMS which features its accuracy, visibility and lower cost. With this kind of tire pressure valve cap, you can easily find your cars tires status. More----- seprator

Fuel Level Monitoring

GPS devices continuously receive the fuel level data through the fuel level detection tool like capacitance fuel level sensor, float fuel level sensor, ultrasonic fuel sensor or even the analog input wire directly to the signal wire of vehicles fuel meter on dashboard. fuel level data transmitted from fuel sensor to gps device in analog (volt), or digital (RS232 serial port). More-----

OBDII Monitoring

OBDII module collects data including: car battery voltage; RPM; speed; Absolute Engine load; Engine coolant temperature; Fuel level; Fuel consumption per KM; fuel consumption on idel time; harsh brakes; harsh acceleration; faults count; mileage; fuel consumption; ignition on time; ignition count. More-----

RFID reader Monitoring

RFID reader like magnectic stripe reader, 128K frequency reader, 13.56MHz frequency reader offers an identification for drivers' ID. This solution offers control of engine based on the authorised ID. fleet managers can know which driver drives the vehicles, and which driver authorised for driving. More-----


Camera Monitoring in picture 

Device would take pictures with the instructions via SMS or gprs or events triggering, and send pictures data to server by gprs or 3g network. This function helps driver or fleet management to capture valuable pictures during driving. More-----